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New Work from "KAWA=FLOW"

April 5, 2011 to April 30, 2011



PDX will exhibit new silver gelatin photographs by Japanese photographer Masao Yamamoto from his series “KAWA=FLOW.” “Kawa”, a Japanese word for a river or a flow of water, is an inspirational metaphor for this body of work, representing a flow of life and the time spent in this world from birth to death, our connection to the past and future.

“KAWA=FLOW” is about the world where we are now and the world where we go in the future. Although we seem to be connected continually there is a rupture between us in the present and those that went before us or that come next. I try to perceive this rupture as a KAWA (FLOW, river) that divides a plain and expressed the resulting reflexions in this work.
- Masao Yamamoto