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New paintings

July 6, 2005 to August 13, 2005



These new landscape paintings in egg tempera reflect both my observations of particular places near where I live and my inner eye for organizing my observations into something that satisfies me on several levels. I try to work toward retaining strong abstract relationships within each painting regardless of how the paintings are initially based on the relationships of land forms, trees, vegetation or sky. Yet I also want to keep in place something authentic about the places I paint. In other words local colors or shapes may in the final image be enhanced, altered, or simplified, but not to the extent that I lose the personality of the subject that led me to work with it in the first place.

The egg tempera, which I mix from egg yolk, water and dry pigments while I work has a transparency or luminosity when applied in thin layers or it can be quite dense when applied more heavily. However, the overall thinness of the paintings may give them the appearance of undergoing few changes during the process of painting. The paintings, though, transform quite significantly from when I begin until I am satisfied. This helps me sustain the aspect of painting that makes it both a struggle and a joy that making each painting takes me somewhere unfamiliar.

- Nick Blosser, 2005