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Nate Orton


Nate Orton

"The 109 trees and one stump of Oregon Park"

I started this drawing project in the spring of 2011, when my daughter Alice was 2
months old. We would venture to Oregon Park in NE Portland daily, Alice wrapped to
me while I carried a bottle of ink, a brush, and a few sheets of paper. As she slept, I
captured the essence of my surroundings by drawing the trees before she woke up or
needed my attention.

One day, as I was drawing a birch, I wondered how many trees were in the park. I plotted
the entire area: 109 trees and one stump. Over the next year, I drew all of them with Alice
by my side.


Nate Orton

Solo shows
2011 Recent Drawings. The Firehouse Gallery. Grants Pass, OR
2011 Nate Orton draws the Portland Art Museum. Reading Frenzy. Portland, OR
2011 Recent Sculptures and Drawings. Olympic Mills Gallery. Portland, OR
2009 Drawings of Idaho. The Half and Half. Portland, OR
2006 New Work. Denwave (formerly Fix) Gallery and Boutique. Portland, OR
2005 Untitled. Hippo Schemes Gallery. Seattle, WA

Selected Group Shows
2013 (Upcoming) Quietude. Eastern Oregon University Gallery. La Grande, OR
2012 Trees of Oregon Park. PDX Gallery Window Project. Portland, OR
2012 N. Orton and Cynthia Lahti. North Coast Seed Building. Portland, OR
2010 Annual Juried Show. Center for Contemporary Art. Seattle, WA
2010 Mystic Sons of Morris Graves Tribute. TK Building Gallery. Seattle, WA
2010 I want to feel at home here. MP5 Gallery. Portland, OR
2009 Multicultural Symposium. Lewis Clark College. Portland, OR
2009 Juried Exhibition. Satellite Art Gallery. La Grande, OR
2009 N. Orton and M. Kondratiev. Satellite Art Gallery. La Grande, OR
2008 Action/Adventure Theater Interprets Artists╩╝ Work. Someday Lounge. Portland, OR
2008 Touch group show. Show and Tell Gallery, Everett Lofts. Portland, OR
2007 N. Orton and B. Stallman. Flight 64 Printmaking Co-op. Portland, OR
2006 Alien/Sedition. Mark Woolley Gallery. Portland, OR
2006 Fresh Ink. Flight 64 Printing Co-op. Portland, OR
2005 Miniatures show. Backspace Gallery. Portland, OR
2005 Juried exhibition. Cannon Beach Arts Center. Cannon Beach, OR
2005 The Cash and Carry. Portland Art Center. Portland, OR
2004 BFA senior thesis exhibit. Ridenbaugh Gallery. Moscow, ID