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March 1, 2016 to April 2, 2016



The mark, the Mantra, the repeated act; all this accumulates to form something greater, a Mass.

In this series of work I am interested in continuing to explore the transformative potential of repetition. How simple materials, actions, and forms can produce something greater than the component parts. My investment in the fundamentals extends to my desire for the viewer to experience the works through the simple act of looking, to acknowledge their place in time as they contemplate an accrual. There is a slowness here, both in the making and in the viewing, with both having quiet rewards.

My hope is that through the relationship between my making and active viewership something enhanced, other, enlightened, will form. At the center of this process lies a claim to a new reality or truth.

In my studio I practice what I consider a simple alchemy. I engage in an act that is similar to an incantation. Each mark I make builds on the one previous, culminating to something that is greater than our physical understanding of this world.