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Marjorie Dial


Marjorie Dial was born in Columbia, SC. She holds an MFA in Craft from Oregon College of Art and Craft (2019) and a BA from Yale University (1994). Dial is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice includes sculpture, print-making, and writing. She develops bodies of work through space-specific interactions, research, and frenetic making. Her interests lie in the capacity for work to shift meanings, engage in story-telling, and attune to information outside of conscious awareness. In 2018 Dial founded an artist residency in North Carolina called Township10. This project focuses on the intimacy, intensity, and transformational qualities of studio life.
Her work has been shown in exhibitions, at venues including Eutectic Gallery, Portland, OR; Front of House, Portland, OR; Ash Street Project Gallery, Portland, OR; T Project Gallery, Portland, OR, and Hoffman Gallery, Portland, OR. Dial received the MFA Award of Distinction at OCAC and was invited to attend the Center for Contemporary Ceramics at CSULB as a Resident Artist in 2019.