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Madelynn Dubin

December 28, 2019 to January 31, 2020



Growing up in rural northern California, there was never an abundance of new things but plenty of natural resources. This instilled in Madelynn Dubin resourcefulness and an affection for reclaiming materials. At its core, her work is a collaboration with matter. As such, the intention is to give it agency and honor its own history and integrity. Slow processes and radical presence aide in accessing this. Clay and cloth are the current materials of choice because they both bear bodily and earthly properties. This exploration has been fueled by her latest inquiries concerning how our bodies and the earth experience time in similar and different ways.

Madelynn Dubin is an emerging artist who has been living in Portland for the past year. While pursuing her bachelor of fine arts degree at CSU Chico, she focused on abstract-organic ceramic sculpture and printmaking. Since graduating in 2017, she moved to Portland to participate in the Ash Street Project Emerging Artist Mentorship Program and immerse herself in alternative processes. While in Portland, she has expanded her installation and multimedia practice, as well as exhibited and taught classes. In 2020 she will continue working at the Ash Street Project as the studio assistant while working on her personal portfolio.