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Madeleine Soich


"For time changes the nature of the whole world, and all things must pass from one condition to another, and nothing remains like itself; all things are in process, all things nature transforms and compels to alter; for one thing crumbles away and becomes faint and enfeebled with age, another in its turn springs up from and rises above despised things. So therefore time changes the nature of the whole world, and one state of the earth gives place to another; so that what once she bore she can bear no longer, but can bear what she bore not before."
-Lucretius (Lucretius)

'As if my eyes are closed, staring at you, becoming the sun, Void' is a working understanding of the space we label Void, a space beyond physical yet feels perceptible by touch. Heavily influenced by the Buddhist concepts of Emptiness (a belief that an object is in constant flux) and Non-duality (that objects are multifaceted), I view the Void as space charged with potential for change, change as both disappearance and emergence simultaneously. It is transience, the ironic constant component of our existence. It is the limbo space all objects and beings exist within.