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January 11, 2023 to February 25, 2023



This exhibition occurs on the fiftieth anniversary of my pursuits in the studio. This is not to say this exhibition is any kind of grand milestone in aesthetics or careerism, it simply marks five decades of my involvement.

I have always envisioned my work as a reflection of the cultural moment. With Musings From the Future, I report to you with one foot planted firmly in the past, and the other foot placed on the liquifacting landscape of tomorrow. No one can deny the last few years has seen the erosion of social norms and civic institutions. And while I wish it was otherwise, I doubt the pendulum will swing back.  As always, I offer neither solutions, nor condolences for these calamities—just my own hand-scribbled notations writ large. Some works in this exhibition such as No Time, Present Tense, The Hand of God, Sputnik III, etc., are expressed in chromatic monotones. They chronicle events that we have witnessed or that have occurred in my imagination. Conversely the veiled, modernist digital prints such as Desires Denied, Watchman, Nighttime Reading, Man and others, resolve themselves through a brooding use of color and chronicle what perhaps has yet to occur.

Whereas we all look to the clocks in our lives to mark the march of moments, the clock faces in this exhibition mark no such specific destinations in the continuum. Time my friends is endless. And within that awareness, I now propose that while many of us believed that man himself was the prime creator of history, I now believe that nature has always been, and will always be, the arbitrator of history.