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A little glutton and her wares

May 27, 2017 to July 1, 2017


S/PLI/T presents Jessie Weitzel and Jeremy Le Grand: A little glutton and her wares

A little glutton and her wares, is the first collaborative effort between Portland-based artists Jessie Weitzel and Jeremy Le Grand. Humor, wit, and a vibrating aesthetic contribute to this small uneasy paradise. Give in to the aesthetic allure, and let it all go...


Have some snacks, take it easy. Enjoy the sunshine and the beauty that surrounds you. What is there if not the beauty that surrounds you? Have another drink, you deserve it. This is your private paradise. This is here for you. Not them. NOT THEM. We’ve made this for you — this little wonderland — with its dreamy foliage and custom wares, furnished and catered for you and you alone. YOU DESERVE IT. YOU. Ignore the buzzing and bustling and hooting and hollering. IGNORE THE BUZZING AND BUSTLING AND HOOTING AND HOLLERING. IGNORE IT. This is where you belong.


S/PLI/T produces two-person exhibitions in established and alternative art venues and vacant spaces. By introducing emerging artists with conceptual depth and contemporary concerns to new viewers, S/PLI/T encourages artistic practice at a critical stage while inviting the community to connect around fresh and vital work. S/PLI/T promotes accessibility and cross-disciplinary engagement through interpretive materials, interviews, public events, and a published catalog.
The name S/PLI/T describes a duality that is present in the two-person exhibitions and implies two pieces of a whole. We are interested in the dialogue that can take place in the space(split) between different art practices. S/PLI/T is co- directed by Sam Hopple and Taryn Wiens and is based in Portland, Oregon.