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Ledger of Days

October 4, 2016 to October 29, 2016



We are proud to announce "Ledger of Days", an exhibition of new paintings on panel and paper by James Lavadour.

Improvisation, so necessary in the music of Miles Davis and John Coltrane, the paintings of the Chinese literati, and the Abstract Expressionists, is the spark for Lavadour’s inquiry into paint and surface. Looking into the unknown, finding new properties in familiar spaces, and a sense of wonder and discovery drive the artist to experiment continuously; working on many paintings at a time in varying states of evolution affords him the chance to seek out connections in his pieces and in the world around him. These links are often made visual in the multi-panel works, allowing the usually cold grid to vibrate and smolder under Lavadour’s direction.

"What ever is in the land is in me. The movements and gestures of a loaded brush contain all of the properties of the land, the same flow, hydrology, particle sedimentation as in mountains and rivers. A painting is a structure for the extraordinary and informative events of nature that are otherwise invisible. A painting is a model for infinity. The unseen and unknown become revealed in the ever informative process and become the basis of the perception of time and space."
- James Lavadour