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Johannes Girardoni


Girardoni’s works are reductive investigations of color, form, light and space. With an elemental material vocabulary—old wood, beeswax and pigment—the work’s physical constellation becomes both the carrier of an explicitly painterly event while also being the foundation of an immaterial phenomenon. Opposites and contradictions are fundamental themes in his work: the contrast of smooth wax surfaces and the rawness of wood, fullness and void, opening and closing, things found and things formed. His pieces are at once colorfield paintings and sculptural objects, emphatic in their materiality and appealing to the sensory perceptions of the viewer. Beautiful bathings of color and light are emitted by the hollowed spaces of Girardoni’s Colorvoid sculptures, which engage the imaginative powers of the viewer with their hollowed, empty spaces. On the tactile side, the roughness of the wood comes together in a refined way with the sensual surface of the wax.