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Isabelle Marshall


Finally, your problems vanish, with Miracle Cure.

Topical application, non-toxic, for external use only.

In these works tonics and cleaning agents serve as icons of metamorphosis and desire. Midst our media saturated world, brands flourish and the magical qualities of products are heightened. Every product promises us a new self with purchase. A life without Odor, a life without Pain, a life free of Feeling. Baptized in the fluorescent and fizzing fluids of the corner store we are assured a sparkling new life. The potions of the body care aisle, glowing bottles of glass cleaner and jars of cold cream are domestic and feminine potions. These contemporary concoctions magnetize with the same powers as witches’ brew. Utilizing the language of advertising to structure my alchemical cabinet, I coopt these iconic structures to endow the ephemeral with material resonance.