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Incidence and Pattern

February 2, 2010 to February 28, 2010



Bean Finneran is best known for working with one simple elemental form, a hand rolled curve of clay, repeated and grouped into primary geometric constructions. The clay is a connection to time, to the earth and to human culture. The curve is a meditation on multiplicity in nature like individual blades of grass in a field.

Following rhythms of renewal and transformation in nature the composition of the sculptures is transitory. Each one of a thousand individual curves is physically independent from the next so that when the sculptures is moved it is disassembled and then reconstructed curve-by-curve. The curves are reinterpreted every time a sculpture is assembled; ever similar and always unique. The process of creating the sculptures has no beginning or end.

For Incidence and Pattern Finneran extends her reductive, modular approach to using pure color as form. Thick coats of super saturated glaze pool and drip over the sides and into the cracks of white clay bricks. Finneran constructs sculptures out of these individual units creating order out of exuberant chaos.