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The House Inside/Desert Dreamin’

January 3, 2017 to January 28, 2017


Elizabeth Knight:
”Growth, technology and the recent rash of natural disasters make the world seem smaller. A tsunami in Japan deposits debris on the Oregon coast. You can instantly share a live feed of your birthday party in Portland with your family in Boston.  None of this helps me feel more at home in the world.

The world may have gotten smaller, but it has not become any more intimate. Globalization is not a cure for alienation. The earth has been lifted and shaken and when we all come down, a great many of us fall into new landscapes: both physical and psychic. 

All these pieces are about the startling placement of the unfamiliar in the familiar, and vice a versa.  Yet somehow, working with the intimacy of these materials-- thread, cloth, the bits and pieces of evidence in my hands-- is my way of making myself at the seismic events of a life.”

Liz Robb:
”My Joshua Tree work conveys the Desert's dryness, distinct palette, openness, transparency, and unknowability using techniques of reflection, obscuring, and suspension of movement.  Reasoning about a defined but seemingly empty space is done through the organic generation of a knowable grid.”