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Falling Green

March 4, 2020 to May 2, 2020


Falling Green settled in from a dream, the way strange connections often come;
immersed in a single color of lushness and abundance, and on the brink,
- our vulnerable world.

These paintings are landscapes of the mind.
Many of the titles are words that were there in waking from sleep,
others emerge with the tracing of a place I have known.
Some of the pieces appear as after-images, or how I experience a moment of blinding light.
Convergence of light, memory and imagination form an enchantment with moment and essence of place.

Working to make coherence of the world in all its beauty and incongruity,
the garden is my place to find calm for it all ...
the rooted promise of a seed, the generous endurance of a tree
with our tending.