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October 4, 2017 to October 28, 2017



Much of the way we spend our waking hours seems to be connected to our interiors, the places we eat, drink, sleep, work and are entertained. These environments can be comforting or not-so-comforting, stabilizing or threatening, exhilarating or extremely banal. I don't believe the world of nature(exteriors) is necessarily any different, but for myself as a painter, the out-of-doors seems to have unique possibilities. Nature strikes me as less contained in time, less connected to all the things I sometimes yearn to have temporary escape from; cultural trends, technology, politics, daily news, etc. I don't try and live my life ignoring what is important to living in a community of other people, but I like to think art can sometimes take us to a necessary, temporary place outside of that. When I set out to start a painting, I simply prefer to step out of the world of "interiors" and go tramping around in the "exterior", maybe stopping at something I have looked at many times but perhaps this time in a new way. 

- Nick Blosser