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Evan La Londe


It’s true, there’s an intimacy between the object and its shadow, but the presence of one should not precede the other. What if we only saw the shadow, creeping back to its source? As it approached the object from which it came, it would begin to look like it, impersonate it. But can we trust the mime? There must be some sort of interference between the two, something there we're not seeing. That shadow really looks like that thing that I know, but it's not, it's something else. So at what point does the shadow begin to describe, to fill in for words? It's like that feeling you have when you walk through the dark and you feel the presence of something right before you bump into it.

A photograph might be one result of this, but there must be others -- too many things happen in that moment of contact. I just want to know why it starts to look that way, and why sometimes touching can be seeing.



1981 Lowville, New York

MFA, Contemporary Art Practice, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

BFA, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland

Them Brainwash Days, Those Heartache Nights, White Gallery, Portland State University, Portland, OR.
A Camera is a Room, Autzen Gallery, Portland State University, Portland, OR

KAWA=FLOW/Eschaton/New Works, PDX Contemporary Art, Portland, OR
The City and the City, LxWxH Gallery, Seattle, WA

Terrain Shift, Works from the Miller Meigs Collection, lumber room, Portland, OR
Observer of Beautiful Forms, Eyelevel Gallery, curated by F* Mtn. as part of The Coat of Charms, Halifax, Nova Scotia
LACE Benefit Art Auction, curated by Justin Cole, LACE, Los Angeles, CA
&, curated by Jeanine Jablonski, The Cleaners, Portland, OR
13 for 13: An MFA Exhibition Exchange, Swell Gallery, San Francisco, CA
#Resolution, Litman Gallery, Portland, OR

Mobility And Sparseness: Every City’s Edge, Autzen Gallery, Portland State University, Portland, OR
Document, Store Gallery, Portland, OR
Sending Signals, University of Ulsan, Ulsan, South Korea

Temporal Topographies, curated by Laura Amussen, Goucher University, Towson, MD
Sondheim Semifinalist Exhibition, Meyerhoff Gallery, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

Mostra, Palazzo Casali Gallery, Cortona, Italy

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