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January 2, 2019 to February 2, 2019



Although my drawings are inspired from daily experiences and my belief in things unknown to me, they are often void of ideas—hesitations for following a sense of discovery. Like most people, my daily life is filled with activities and distractions. My practice of drawing takes place in moments of quiet reflection and contemplation with little disruption. The materials I draw with, mainly graphite pencil and a select group of powder pigments, are specifically chosen because of their inherent subtlety and quietness.

When looking at this group of “white framed” drawings. I am reminded of an experience I had some time ago:

I was sitting in on a lecture where a person was describing our world in mathematical terms. I personally have little understanding of math; however, I find the idea of it intriguing. The Fibonacci sequence, a formula which is considered by many to be nature’s secret code and its Golden Mean or Golden Ratio, is something I have often found myself thinking about.

As the lecturer guided the group through his expanding formula, it was not long before I could no longer follow. I became absorbed in my own thoughts, eventually finding myself fixated on the whiteboard behind the professor. The room had a wall of windows to the left and through the trees, light from the sun had begun to cast subtle shadows onto the board. The shadows were beautiful and captivating. I could not help but think that even as abstract as the professor’s formula was, there were two senses of the world crossing paths before me—that is to say, the world as described in mathematical terms and the reality the shadows were creating in the world as we see it.