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box breathing

October 2, 2019 to November 2, 2019



'box breathing' is a suite of works that honor the mysterious abundant in the everyday. Hovering, painted squares map and veil the surface of the paper, as nuanced differences are enhanced through repetition. Desire resides in the search; building upon the previous, giving shape to the breath.

My practice relies on the courage to allow the unknown to reveal itself as labor transforms humble materials into ritualized objects. In the making, paper becomes the mark, and cast off fallen palm fronds are given a new life by becoming the ground and support for paintings. Palm Flag (black square) serves as a bridge between these two bodies of work. It is an object that stakes claim to a chosen and cultivated path, a symbol of a commitment to living in this world with an open mind and a generosity of spirit. Grounded in a material presence, while suggesting something other, the artworks are a record of seeking the slightly out of reach, the waiting to be discovered.