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March 3, 2021 to March 27, 2021



Since ancient times, people have considered Bonsai to be a microcosmic representation of the whole universe, residing in a single pot, and the proper way to appreciate Bonsai was to place them on a “tokonoma” alcove in a traditional Japanese tatami room.

I, however, decided to displace it from its traditional “habitat” and bring it into the studio, and take it outdoors to be photographed.
In doing so, I get a sense of “space being twisted”. It also seems to warp the time axis and create a new space around it. I am fascinated by the power of this new space that is created, which is strong enough to invert micro and macro, life and death, true and false; all of which are usually antithetical to each other.

At the same time, Bonsai creates a noble aura around it which is soothing and brings tranquility to the soul.

Bonsai can live for hundreds of years with human care, existing in a restricted space, and in a minimal amount of soil.
The Bonsai simply sits there quietly, asking us to ponder the meaning of life and how we should live our lives.