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From Ash and Pearl

October 30, 2012 to December 1, 2012



PDX Contemporary Art is pleased to present new work by Nancy Lorenz. Lorenz combines mother of pearl, pigments, lacquer, gold and silver leaf to create paintings that reference the natural world. Her paintings have both an abstract expressionist approach and fine craft techniques. Lorenz's imagery draws from Japanese aestheticism, chemistry and a classic painterly mode.

“On my drawing table sits jars of gilders’ clay, scraps of pearl and abelone, books of moon gold and palladium, a watercolor palette made of mussel shells, a bag of dirt sent from my son at camp instead of a letter, bits of mirror and a hammer, a box of sulphur from the gift shop near Mt Fuji, ash from the peat fire from Cottage #7, Ballinskelligs, Ireland.

The water and grass lines, and the Night Sky dots are the place I put my cherished materials in this series of paintings.”

- Nancy Lorenz 2012