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Animal History Boxes

August 5, 2008 to August 30, 2008


To open a box you hold it in your hands, look inside and experience a moment of intimacy. The inspiration for the form of these pieces comes from many different boxes—I think of Velvet Brown's shoebox of paper horses, Jem's cigar box of objects in To Kill a Mockingbird, the pleasure of receiving a package in the mail.. When I open a daguerreotype case I confront a vivid image of someone long gone from this earth, and if I tip it slightly, I confront myself... and experience a living metaphor of connection.

Many of our relationships with animals involve an intense and quiet intimacy as deep as our relationships with other people. My intention is to present this connection to animals through an historical and familial eye, the heirloom as opposed to the specimen box. When we experience this connection we are where the past and the present are indistinguishable; we are living history.