Andy Stout


Andy Stout
July 5, 2017 to August 26, 2017

I remember taking an all day field trip as a child, returning home with a box of various salts. Questioning in awe over the bleeding colors of pinks, blues and grays and the flat angular surface with jagged pin cubist lines. The salts became an obsession. 

The nature of geology has been inspiring, from that day. A crystal was chosen for this project, because the ideal crystal has every atom in a perfect exact repeating pattern. In reality, most crystal patterns are interrupted, creating a topological profound effect on the properties material; thus, revealing jagged angular pin cubist lines. 

In childhood curiosities can be influential. As we grow older, we grab a sense of composure comprehending the nature in our environment. But not truly flattening out the wrinkled paper. Well, that is how it works for me.


I was born in Korea. I was raised in Europe and in the U.S.I have lived in Portland since 1989. My interests are Poetry, Music, Film and Art. My three major influences are Leslie Scalapino, Bela Bartok, Bergman and Cy Twombly. I have studied monotype for two years with Tom Prochaska. I have also shown at the CAP Auction '08 and Qwest Auction '08.