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February 1, 2018 to February 15, 2018


YOU CAN HELP BRING IN THE LIGHT by donating hygiene products for families of farm workers through Friends of Seasonal and Service Worker, a volunteer organization which has been supporting farm workers since 1982.
Sharing the window with Johannes Girardoni's "Resonant" light works for Portland Winter Light Festival on behalf of FSSW we are collect donations of the hygiene products for the hard-working farmworker families needed right now. This is a down season and this year the huge increase in rents in the area are stretching the families' already slim budgets. It is a small, easy way to give concrete assistance to the people who put food on our tables every day. Give a bar of soap more. if you can’t come in, ask me to buy some supplies for you to donate. Tell me how much you want to spend and I will do it and will ask you to refund that amount to me. For amounts over $50 write your check to FSSW.