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Sleep and Sleeplessness

January 8, 2002 to February 2, 2002


"These drawings and objects relate to sleep and sleeplessness. Oddly, this started by observing a stone that belonged to the photographer and rock hound Terry Toedtemeier. The stone was pitted, worn and fragile; Its holes suggested a sleeve, passageway, or web. The process by which it eroded relates to those thoughts that keep me up at night; items undone, the foot in my mouth, apologies, questions that need answers and the desire to be a better human. A clock with a blurry red digital face stares at me, and I try not to stare back or it might wake me further.

I was struck by Edvard Munch¼s self-portrait "Between the Clock and the Bed," because I know that space well. Jasper Johns did a painting by the same title and in his triptych, the bookends, clock and bed flank a ghostly figure. Johns¼ hatch marks echo the bedspread in the Munch painting. I have come to see some similarities between these marks and the corn husks which brought me to working with modular forms.

I am particularly drawn to the human stories and rituals implicit in everyday objects. Made familiar by use and scaled to the body, they often go unnoticed, but make me think about the relationship between part and whole; I wish to capture this sense of familiarity in the objects I make.

In drawing, I am drawn to the way the crowquill pen makes marks. Quiet, irregular, delicate, plotting, they relate to a tradition of craftsmen: illustrators, cartographers, draftsmen, and calligraphers. My work explores the overlap between art and craft, process and object, and nature and man.

This body of work was realized in part with a Project Grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council."