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PDX Window Project blue viewing chair

artist ? This chair appeared in front of the gallery last weekend. Thank you whoever you are.

Vanessa Renwick

Thermostat: Video and the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, OR

Bean Finneran

Natural Inclinations: Bean Finneran. A three person show, Bean Fineran, Sally Brogden, Sandra Dal Poggetto and Rebecca Hutchinson at the Holter Museum of Art

Ellen George

Things Turning at Nine Gallery, Portland, OR

Storm Tharp

Abandon: Jim Hodges and Storm Tharp at Saranac Art Projects, WA

Vanessa Renwick

CACKLE CACKLE RACKLE! at Needles & Pens, San Francisco, CA

Storm Tharp on OPB's Artbeat

An Intimate Look at the Artistic Process

The Contemporary Northwest Art Awards Open at the Portland Art Museum

Debut of "Forget-Me-Not, Mothers and Sons" by Marie Watt

Welcome Glass Art Society!

Cynthia Lahti exhibits glass works at PDX, June 12 - 28, 2008