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James Miles



James Miles was born in 1957 in San Francisco, California. He began creating art at Creativity Explored in 1997.

Miles is best known for his ink drawings of miniature scenes. His tight and controlled lines illuminate the essential particulars of the buildings, cars, and figures that populate his drawings. His drawings often employ unusually combined perspectives, and viewers get the sense that they have been invited to witness the details that Miles observes and imagines in the world around him. His iconic style is complemented by the use of slightly mysterious repeated symbols. Three girls chatting, a group of musicians, and an airplane are some of images that are recurrent in his artwork.

Creativity Explored is a nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities, create, exhibit, and sell art. We are committed to supporting people with developmental disabilities to become working artists, and to promoting their work as an emerging and increasingly important contribution to the professional art world. Creativity Explored provides workspace and materials in ongoing studio sessions facilitated by a team of professional artists who provide support and assistance to studio artists. Creativity Explored also operates a professional exhibitions program that promotes our studio artists’ work to a wide array of local, regional, national, and international exhibition venues including commercial galleries, and corporate and public spaces.

Creativity Explored studio artists come from diverse backgrounds and bring with them a wide variety and range of experience, ability, and sensibilities. Some of our artists just turned twenty years old, while others are in their eighties. Some have lived lives of previous isolation or institutionalization, while others have lived their entire lives with their families in a supportive and accepting environment. Many of our studio artists speak different languages, or do not speak, and are unable to communicate with each other using spoken language. At Creativity Explored, visual art is language everyone can use to share culture, experience, and feelings.

James Miles is represented by Creativity Explored. At Creativity Explored, uncensored self-expression is both encouraged and celebrated. The result is art that is fresh, exciting, and innovative. We invite you to share our collective experience, to participate in our community, and to benefit from the significant contributions made by artists with disabilities to the cultural life of the broader community. Our common thread is the basic need to express self, and the tapestry we weave using art is a strong, durable community rich in color, form, and context. We invite you to become a part of our community.