Manage Gallery

Following the order of steps below is the most efficient way of adding everything from "Artists" to "Exhibitions" to "Artwork". For quick access to specific management features use the menu on the left, which is convenient when you need to make specific changes to lots of content that already exists. Lastly, you can also edit any content item directly by navigating to the specific page and clicking on the "Edit" link.
Step 1

The first type of content you need create is an Artist, including Name, Artist Statement and Bio. You will not be adding Artwork yet.

Click Here to Create a New Artist. Be sure to click 'Select' at the bottom of the page and view your new content. Repeat this step for each Artist you need to create. And return to this page when you're done.

Already have the Artist in the website? Proceed to Step 2 or Click Here to find and edit the Artist content directly.

Step 2

Once you have created all Artist content, you need to create an Exhibition. This will include the Title, date, notes, reviews, and statement (if applicable). The most important piece will be creating the "Exhibition Name (Internal)" - this 'tag' is used by the website to create relationships between Exhibitions, Artists, and Artwork. Follow the formating example below the entry field, and double check before clicking 'Submit'. Lastly, make sure you select the names for all Artists related to the Exhibition. Start typing a name, and the system will automatically display the matching selections. For multiple Artists, just separate the names with a comma.

Click Here to Create a New Exhibition

Return to this page once you're done. Continue to Step 3.

Step 3

As you add new artwork to the system, you'll now be able to associate it with both an Artist and an Exhibition. (If you don't select any 'tags', your site visitors won't be able to see the images as they will not display correctly.) Your image can be any size or shape. The system will automatically reduce the size and keep the proportion for displaying throughout the site.

Click Here to Create Artwork. Repeat as needed.