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February 1, 2009 to February 28, 2009



I was born in Korea. I was raised in Europe and in the U.S.I have lived in Portland since 1989. My interests are Poetry, Music, Film and Art. My three major influences are Leslie Scalapino, Bela Bartok, Bergman and Cy Twombly. I have studied monotype for two years with Tom Prochaska. I have also shown at the CAP Auction '08 and Qwest Auction '08.


Language/Poetry is an auto-response received and ritually rendered as translation. Many cultures relate to their birth formalities as written characters and some as sound communication. In response, human emotions systematically provide expressions of not comprehending or confusion. Confusion is thought in-the-moment and not comprehending is a reaction after a moment's thought.

The scripture is written and lined from top to bottom along the walls in a singular form, like western language. Humans interact with each other and conversations are not always paid much attention. The viewer is left to examine Language/Poetry in a consistent form, where abstraction patterns itself and thought becomes an ideal rather than an interpretation.