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Too Much Too Much Too Much

July 3, 2007 to July 28, 2007



Every month more material comes in then I have time to read and process. I can't just throw it out. My compulsive collector disorder kicks in and I just find a box or carton or file in which to put it, and then another month comes, and a ton of new information arrives.

Cards for shows of people I know and want to see, magazines with articles and pictures I want to cut out and save and use someday in the future, newspapers that I have to read to stay current, TV shows that I have to keep up on because I chat with others who keep track of them as well (LOST, BOSTON LEGAL, DESPERATE HOSEWIVES, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, MEDIUM).

And stuff, the great little things you find in your daily travels, beads, wallpapers, glass panes, light bulbs ...

And I know I am not the only one, almost everyone I know has the same compulsion and problem, you cant just throw this stuff out. Its all so pretty, I have to keep it ...

There are times when late at night I will be sitting watching TV cutting articles out of magazines and newspapers as I am reading them, and I am making collage's.

It's a mess ...