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September 4, 2012 to September 29, 2012



In Tint Von Tundra identifies the conditions that define the PDX Window Project and highlights them for what they are not. Functionally, the PDX Window Project is in close relation with the more ubiquitous display windows that many retailers use to attract customers to their store. However in actuality, because of the nature of how it is utilized by the gallery and the artists who activate it, the PDX Window Project is not these things.

The issues of scale, function, association and intention are conditions that Von Tundra has challenged themselves to engage and counter. Tint shifts between direct and indirect references to both any window and this particular one.

Von Tundra is an American design studio and creative association between Dan Anderson, Chris Held and a carefully curated group of friends and collaborators. By ceaselessly challenging and re-contextualizing traditional ideas about materials, function and context, the Von Tundra team delves into a wide-ranging list of disciplines including furniture, interiors, branding/identity, and conceptual art. The resulting output of this collaboration is where clean minimal design meets everyday pragmatism - proving that the well executed object still has power to imbue substance, while transcending both commodification and taste.