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January 2, 2007 to January 27, 2007



Memory is haphazard, incomplete, and tangential, yet it is the way we order and relate to our experience. I am fascinated by this tension between the "finality" of recorded memory and the intrinsic unreliability of that recording, in how our memories are invariably filtered and skewed by how we choose to present them. Much of my work is preoccupied with both examining that presentation, and trying to recreate it by isolating images that are suggestive of multiple interpretations.

"Survey" presents a split narrative or two points of view on the same activity. My focus is questioning surveillance as an authoritative record of time or activity, since how an event is remembered and reconstructed is so subjective. I am intrigued by the division in the center of the window, and also in the division of the glass itself. The installation will evoke the records from a surveillance system, but also include veils or interferences which delay the viewer's reception of the art.