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Signal Fire: Outpost Residency

May 28, 2014 to June 28, 2014


PDX Contemporary Art presents Signal Fire and a selection of objects made or found at their 2014 Outpost Residency. Outpost is a nomadic artist colony set on public lands in canvas wall tents. This past March, Signal Fire hosted eight artists in the wildlands along the US-Mexico border, in support of a creative response to the unique challenges facing this region. The desert highlands west of Nogales, Arizona are a trove of biodiversity, a perilous route for human migration, and an increasingly militarized region. Environmental laws have recently been suspended to enable US Border Patrol agents to engage in comprehensive surveillance.

Carla Bengston, Jodi Darby, John Gnorski, Susannah Mira, Allison Lacher, Miriam Simun, Travis Souza, and Patricia Vazquez Gomez

Organized by: Signal Fire co-founders Amy Harwood and Ryan Pierce

Signal Fire provides opportunities for artists and activists to engage with the natural world. Our projects instill self-reliance, catalyze creative energy, and invite interdisciplinary collaboration. We utilize public lands to advocate for the access to— and protection of— our remaining wild places in order to enrich and sustain society. Signal Fire was founded in Portland in 2008 by activist Amy Harwood and artist Ryan Pierce.