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Joe Rudko | Heirlooms

Wed, 05/15/2024

JOE RUDKO | Heirlooms

We are thrilled to present you an opportunity to commission well known photography artist Joe Rudko for a unique collage using your family photographs. This is your chance to be a part of his new project titled 'Heirlooms.’

Many of us holds a treasure trove of memories in our personal photo collections, more than what can be neatly arranged in albums. Rudko's new, innovative project will preserve your personal photographs by crafting them into a one-of-a-kind heirloom artwork of your pets, people. and/or places. Each piece will be a treasure of your family's unique legacy, history and memories presented in a fresh and captivating way. 

PDX is now accepting commissions and are happy to feature Joe Rudko's project at the 2024 Seattle Art Fair (July 25th - 28th) as the exclusive source for "Heirlooms" at the fair.

If you are interested please inquire by email to and we will send you the details on the process, price, and timeline. 


Heirlooms Sample Prices

9" x 12" — $2,520
15" x 11" — $3,600
30" x 22" — $7,200