Jenene Nagy: "Morphologies" at c3: Initiative

Sat, 03/31/2018

2017 c3: Papermaking Residency Exhibition
March 31 - May 5

Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 31, 11 - 2pm | Artist walk-through at noon

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday - Saturday, noon - 6pm and by appointment

​7326 N. Chicago Ave
Portland, OR 97203
(971) 267-2340

Morphologies presents work from 2017 c3: Papermaking Residency artists Mary Campbell, Brenda Mallory, Benjamin Mefford and Jenene Nagy. Culminating from their experiences in the Pulp & Deckle studio, each artist utilized handmade paper as a primary medium to create new works that present ideas central to their art practice.

The morphology of papermaking is the story of fibers. Plants are harvested, cut up, cooked, and pulped. The cellular structure of the raw material is cajoled into a new state of being. It is not until the end of the making that we see the final result. As it is with many craft and art processes, the resulting product may be wildly different than the steps along the way.

Morphologies focuses on four different takes on the same process. A process that has seemingly infinite variations. The works examine an intersection of elements, a re-contextualization of everyday objects, abstracted landscapes that reference commercial photography and production sets, and an investigation of materiality and surface. By removing papermaking from its primary, ubiquitous function, this work subverts expectations about the role craft should play in object making, and engages in deep play.