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James Lavadour's My Twin in Order / Reorder: Experiments in Collections at Hudson River Museum

Tue, 06/21/2022

Order / Reorder: Experiments in Collections, a long-term installation at Hudson River Museum in NYC, has opened on June 17, 2022 and will run through September 3, 2022. This group exhibition features My Twin, a painting by our represented artist James Lavadour. The exhibition will explore new approaches to looking at American art that reconsider past and present expressions of American identity.

Order / Reorder ranges across genres from portraiture and figural studies to still life, landscape, and abstraction. Rather than structured chronologically, the installation is designed to spark discussion through juxtapositions of styles, outlooks, and eras. Viewers are challenged to find connections in unexpected groupings of objects.

James Lavadour has been living and working on the Umatilla Reservation in Northeast Oregon. Curator Prudence F. Roberts wrote the following about the visceral feelings that Lavadour’s paintings evoke in conjunction to his identity:

“His paintings are shaped by a deep knowledge of the land that has surrounded him and his ancestors for generations: a knowledge that lives within him as a kind of cellular memory. Thus, in painting, his gestures unleash that memory. The acts of laying down paint, of scraping, of building up layers, often over long periods of time, replicate the ways in which natural forces and human histories have shaped the rivers and cliff faces, the rocks, and the hills that he sees on his almost daily drives. In his works, past and present collide in forms, spaces, and actions built of paint. They speak to place and they speak to history.”

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