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James Lavadour | New Works on Paper from the Artist's Studio

Sat, 10/23/2021
James Lavadour, Portfolio: 1994/2021 - 1, 2021, oil on paper, 20" x 28"

We are happy to present new works on paper by artist James Lavadour.

Started as early as 1994 and finished in 2021 during the pandemic, Lavadour has titled these new works on paper Portfolio: 1994/2021. They are from different time periods, on different papers, and different sizes but were worked on and completed as a group during this past year of isolation.

Lavadour found applying his current way of painting to pieces he was working on in 1994 to be an astonishing experience. For him, paintings hold memories and to be using new techniques that he has developed over time combined with techniques he has used or experimented in the past was an interesting meditation on how his thinking in paint has evolved over 27 years.

These new works range in size from 20” x 28” to 14” x 20” and feature the same rich depth and physical, process-oriented practice of Lavadour’s works on panel.

View all available works here: