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Georgina Reskala | Lisa Kokin and Georgina Reskala in Conversation

Fri, 06/28/2024
Georgina Reskala, Horas Transparentes, 2022. Courtesy the artist.

Georgina Reskala will be in conversation with artist Lisa Kokin on Thursday, August 22, 2024, at 11:30am at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, CA. Georgina Reskala's work is currently on included in the California Jewish Open on view at the museum through October 20, 2024.

"In this in-gallery talk, artists Lisa Kokin and Georgina Reskala, whose works are featured in the California Jewish Open, discuss their artwork and creative processes. Kokin, known for her fiber-based art and commentary on social justice, and Reskala, whose work deals with ideas of memory, history, and the power of narrative, will explore their artistic practice and how their Jewish heritage influences their art.
Join us to explore how these two artists engage in storytelling through diverse materials and techniques, humor, and empathy."

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