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Ellen George | NINE Gallery

Wed, 08/10/2022
Ellen George- These Small Gentle Shapes- NINE Gallery

Visit Ellen George's solo exhibition at NINE Gallery, These Small Gentle Shapes, open August 5 - 27.

NINE Gallery is located inside Blue Sky Gallery.
122 NW 8th Ave Portland, OR
Gallery hours: Wednesday - Saturday from 12 - 5 pm
Blue Sky requires a mask while inside the gallery.

Artist statement for These Small Gentle Shapes:

I hand-form these sculptures using dense gypsum casting stone. It’s a durational process. I am rolling, folding, manipulating soft lumps of the mixture in the palm of my hand. I wait for the subtle changes that signal time is beginning to run out before turning to stone. It feels like listening for something that is silent.

Although I have intention, each sculpture, using time and gravity, has the final say in its own making. Placed on its supports, each continues to move until it stops.

I’m given a period of focused, satisfying engagement. In the end, these small gentle shapes are the result of letting go, letting them happen.

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