Art Conversations: What It’s Like in the Studio - Tax Day Happy Hour

Tue, 04/17/2018

Please join us on Tuesday, April 17 at 5:30 pm for a conversation between artists about what it is like to be in their studios.

RSVP required by April 10:

Anna Gray+Ryan Wilson Paulsen
Elizabeth Knight
Justin L'Amie
Tad Savinar
Adam Sorensen
Heather Watkins
Marie Watt
Vanessa Renwick
Joe Rudko

The artist’s studio has long been regarded as a romantic place of inspiration and creativity. Find out what it is actually like for each of these artists. Listen in on a conversation between them about how each creates a studio, what it feels like to walk in the door (is it heaven or hell or both), and strategies to get into a creative mind space.

We are grateful to the artists for sharing what can be a private place and subject.

Sponsored in part by the Oregon Arts Commission