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Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen | Congress Yard Projects

Wed, 01/13/2021
Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen at Congress Yard Projects

Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen are exhibiting work at Congress Yard Projects.

"Congress Yard Projectsā€™ first exhibition of 2021, hard & SOFT will submit the artworks to continuous display outside, throughout the wet dragging days of late winter. This turns our previous format on its head from the summer series of weekend long exhibitions where artworks susceptible to the elements are moved inside nightly. Rather, hard & SOFT will run for 1344 hours, from late January til Spring Equinox, showcasing works that stand resolute under the weight of the grey dripping sky, alongside works that embrace weathering transformation and decay. On view will be a range of works from the most obstinately impervious, to those that might melt, fade, or rot away in reaction to the elements, as well as some that depend upon the impacts of duration and exposure for their full potential. At times, the exhibition will be only open to viewers when it is raining, and others just available after dark, to make the most of the existing perceptual conditions."

hard & SOFT
Exhibition Jan 24 ā€“ March 21, 2021

Opening Sunday January 24 11-5pm

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