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Laura Hughes



I combine light and space into site-responsive installations that bring heightened attention to peripheral visual information we regularly encounter within architectural boundaries. Responding to the features of a given space rendered visible through light and shadow, my work provokes a re-evaluation of the routine experience of seeing. By manipulating the properties of light and space, my objective is to produce experiences that question our certainty of our surroundings and prompt larger revelations about the nature of perception.

My current focus involves creating temporary installations that bring awareness to how light shapes, and is shaped by, surrounding space. Responding to light and shadow through architectural features such as windows, railings, walls or skylights, I use light, paint, or reflective surfaces to project, trace, reflect, or refract light: capturing and enhancing fleeting illumination that is often overlooked. Applying a phenomenological perspective that perception is not simply a question of vision but involves the whole body, I challenge distinctions between artwork, viewer and the surrounding environment so that the viewer’s physical presence plays a crucial role in how the work unfolds. This may result in effects that shift relative to one’s position, instances when the artwork itself may be barely distinguishable from ambient light, or occasions when the viewer’s presence may appear altogether obliterated as they cast no shadow against a simulated patch of light on the wall before them.